PWD Contractor Licence in Rajasthan

PWD Contractor Licence is mandatory required to obtained before applying for any Tender in Rajasthan for PWD Contractor work. 

Every person who is planning to apply for tendor for government works must obtain the contractor licence with PWD.

Minimum Requirements for applying Contractor Licence with PWD :

Contractor must have Firm Registered , a Firm can be proprietorship firm, company, Partnership or LLP ( you can choose any type of business entity) ( For Firm Registration with Fastlegal call 9782280098 or email : [email protected] )  

Obtain GST Registration : Your Firm must have GST Registration ( for GST Registration call 9782280098 or email : [email protected]

Categories of contractors:

  • Civil Contractors (entitled for construction of buildings,bndges, canals, reservoirs, filter plants and other watersewerage schemes as well as other construction works)
  • Furniture & Joinery Works Contractors
  • Electrical Works Contractors
  • Sanitary, Pipe Fitting and Plumbering Works Contractors
  • Painting Works Contractors

Application form for Registration :  Application Form for Contractor Enlistment is required to be obtained from Department with payment of Rs. 50 

Class of Contractor and Amount of work that can be done :

S. No. 

Class of contractors
Extent upto which qualified to tender for any, work
1 AA class Any amount
2 A Class Upto Rs. 3.00 crores
3. B Class Upto Rs. 1.50 crores
4. C Class Upto Rs. 50 Lacs
5. D Class Upto Rs. 15 Lacs

Registration fee Contractor Registration : 

Class of contractors
Amount of Registration Fee in Cash/Treasury Challan/Bank Demand Draft (Non-refundable) Amount of Security Depositin form of Interest bearingDeposit/FDR of Bank 
Rs. 30,000.00
8 Lakh
Class A Rs. 22500.00 4 Lakh
Class B Rs. 15000.00 2 Lakh
Class C Rs. 6000.00 1 Lakh
Class D Rs. 3000.00  50 Thousand 


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