Top UPI payment apps in India

In this article we will discuss about the top UPI payment apps in India, up enables easier and faster transfer using mobile applications, UPI handle or username is required for receiving and sending funds in bank account.

Due of it’s easy to operate user interface, UPI system has grown significantly in last 2-3 years and many people and business started accepting payments via UPI. As the increasing uses of UPI the fintech applications that facilitates payments system via UPI has got major competation which has leads to better customer service and quick adoption of UPI payment system in India.

List of top UPI payment apps in India


Phonepe is an UPI payment app grown significantly is among the top UPI apps in India,

Top UPI payment apps in India 1

Google pay

Backed by Google , Google pay got significant presence in UPI payment services in India, Google pay is among the first choice of users.

Top UPI payment apps in India 2

Paytm UPI

Paytm is first and grown significantly and has major market share amoung the UPI payment services

Top UPI payment apps in India 3

Bhim App

Bhim is first UPI payment app and backed by National payment Corporation of India, the first UPI payment system app launched by PM Modi. Bhim has done lot of improvements in its UI and added other features to its portfolio and able to get good response from market even today where other market players are heavily spending lots of money on advertising.

Top UPI payment apps in India 4