What is Law Firm SEO and Why is it Important in Boosting Website Rank

Every law firm needs new clients to grow and survive. Your firm could be located anywhere in the world, but more clients means more business. Word of mouth has long been the most effective marketing strategy in getting clients. However, times are changing, as there are plenty of online marketing strategies to acquire new clients for your practice area. 

With 96 percent of people seeking legal advice using search engines and around 74 percent who begin their searches actually end up calling law firms through their phones. Online presence has become a necessity in growing a successful law firm in today’s digital age. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key in building your online presence and making you visible to prospects. Law firms that optimize SEO ranks their website higher on search engines and generate more traffic which ultimately leads to more clients. In this article, you will learn some key aspects in building your SEO law firm and boost higher in website rank boosting.

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 (What is Law Firm SEO and Why is it Important in Boosting Website Rank. Credit: Pexel)

What is SEO and why Law firm SEO?

SEO has always been an integral part of a successful marketing strategy. Whether you are offering a product or a service, the competition has become more evolved than ever before. SEO is a process of improving your online presence and website with a collection of tools so that your site ranks higher in search engines. Well, we know the fact that if your site receives more clicks, the more people visit your site and this brings an opportunity for those users to find the service or product that interests them. 

In other words, if your law firm appears on the first page of the top search engine results, your site will drive it more visitors. Once visitors click your website, they will have access to the content on your site and could reach out to you provided your information is helpful or not. The challenge is trying to get your law firm to the top of the search results. SEO is business is similar to law firm SEO’s as the process remains the same but few things such as targeted keywords and content differ. Since we are talking about optimizing websites, if you are looking for a good web hosting provider, 28msec provides excellent reviews on hosting services. You can check their web hosting comparisons which can help you make a decision for your company. 

For example, if you are a criminal attorney practicing in Toronto, Canada. When people living in your city type ‘criminal attorney Toronto’, a list of attorneys are visible to them from which they can choose from. The same goes for other law practices from any part of the world. The goal is to be found by potential clients first. 

Benefits of Law Firm SEO

  1. Targeting Keywords

People use keywords to search information on search engines to find what they are looking for. Knowing what these keywords are is the first step to optimizing your website and driving more traffic to it. By making a list of phrases and keywords that people could use for your services is the first step in optimizing your website and driving traffic to it. You can use free keyword tools that are available such as Google suggestions, Google trends, WMS Everywhere and Keyword.IO.

  1. Strategic Keyword Selection

Using any keyword aimlessly or excessively within your content can result in penalizations by search engines. Your keywords should be distributed on your website such as in your home page, service pages, blogs,etc. You can also include them in your H1s. H2s and H3s. Another important strategy is using keywords in your meta descriptions and images on your site.

  1. Content Quality 

One of the first steps taken by potential clients is seeking legal counsel in search engines for general information. Providing clients with high quality content which is informativ can reduce bounce rates and increase the chances of turning your website visitors into leads. Guest posts, blogs and social media are a great way to reach out to readers with relevant and informative content. Use keywords in your content to make it visible to search engines. Your posts will also be a valuable source of quality backlinks to help improve your search rankings.

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 (What is Law Firm SEO and Why is it Important in Boosting Website Rank. Credit: Pexel)

  1. Website Design and Structure

User experience is an essential part of keeping visitors on your site long enough to turn them into clients. That’s why a website with good design and structure is vital for SEO. Your website should not only be attractive in design but also be easy to navigate. It should present information in a way that makes it easy for users to get the information they need.

Your website should have a friendly design yet reflect professionalism. It should be a reflection of your law firm.

  1. Schema Markup

You can boost your website’s visibility in SERPs using schema markup. This powerful tool involves putting code (semantic vocabulary) on your website that helps search engine bots to pick up more information on web pages that is relevant to users.

Your listing on search engine results pages will be a rich snippet that includes information such as images, star ratings, site links, images and much more. Providing users with more information about what they can expect when they visit your website or who you are is a great way to attract qualified leads to your website.

  1. Very GMB Listing

You can improve your online presence and drive traffic to your website by adding your business on Google My Business. Your clients or potential clients will be provided with detailed information about business on Google Maps and GooGle Search pages such as address, phone number and client reviews. You can add images to make your listing a bit attractive. Include relevant keywords to ensure you get better ranking on Google Maps and Google Search.

  1. Social Media

The easiest way to improve online visibility is social media. By posting relevant and informative content can drive people to your social media handle and in turn to your website. You can also add your social media platforms to your website which will add credibility to your firm and improve your websites SEO. By doing so people will be inspired to share, comment or report if your content is relevant to them.

These are just some of the benefits you will receive from running an SEO campaign on your law firm website. As you can see by changing a few things on your website, it will not only improve your website but help you grow and reach out to valuable clients to your site. If you are new to these resources, you may want to turn to an SEO company or coach who can guide such as Matt Diggity. He is a proficient SEO coach who can teach you on how to double or triple your SEO results. You can also check their page to learn more about SEO marketing strategies. Here are a few tips to help you find the best SEO company for your law firm.

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 (What is Law Firm SEO and Why is it Important in Boosting Website Rank. Credit: Pexel)

How to Find the Right SEO Company

  1. A portfolio tells you a lot about a company and the work they do. By looking at a company’s portfolio, it will give you insight into their experience and process as a SEO agency.
  1. The next you would want to look out for is results. Any successful SEO company for lawyers will have a long history of results from their clients. A successful SEO is beneficial in improving your website and achieving great results.
  1. Company values are a very important part of selecting an SEO company. Hiring a company that shares similar values will help create a better partnership and help you drive better results for your law firm. 
  1. It is important that you investigate the teams dn see what qualifications they have. You can make sure they fit well with your company because a knowledgeable SEO company will help you drive in more traffic.
  1. When you find an SEO company you think fits your website’s need, don’t be afraid to ask them questions. A qualified SEO company will address your questions or concerns as best as possible.  If they are transparent and upfront with you about any concerns. You too can be honest, flexible and will to do what’s best for you and your company. This is a great way to help you find the best SEO company for lawyers.

Now that you know the importance of law firm SEO, you can optimize your website to achieve better results. 

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