Step by Step Process for Online Trust Registration in Rajasthan

In this article we will discuss Charitable online Trust Registration in Rajasthan, trust is a form of NGO in which you can carry on non-profit activities to help society to grow at a larger scale.

Activities to be carried on by trust is governed by the trust deed, that is what is mention under the trust deed are the activities that trust can carry on

Following charitable activities can be carried on generally by trust:-

  • Promotion of education
  • Promotion of health
  • Promotion of sporting activities
  • Promotion for the betterment of society
  • To Increase self-employment by skill development
  • To provide medical relief to organize medical camps and to arrange medicines for poor
  • To promote cleanliness, to preserve environment and plantation of trees etc
Online Trust Registration in Rajasthan

Step by Step procedure for Online Trust Registration in Rajasthan:

  1. Declaration of trust: any person can declare trust with some property for the purpose of promotion of its objects. The person who declared trust is called settler
  2. Name of Trust: name the trust may end with the word “trust , Foundation etc.” I.e. you may have a name like “Shri shyam Charitable Trust”
  3. Address of the trust the address of the trust will decide its jurisdiction for registration and applications for under income Tax Act.
  4. Trustee: the settlor will declare the name of the trustees who sell accept all the terms mention in the trusted and act as a trustee to the trust.
  5. Board of Trustees: the trustees will be known as board of trustees and will be e designated has President, vice president secretary and treasurer
  6. Terms and conditions regarding managing of Trust funds
  7. Powers of the trustees
  8. Duration of trust etc..
  9. Once the above mentioned things are settled we have to draft the trust deed and get it signed from the settlor and trustees of the trust.
  10. The trust deed should be on non judicial stamp paper of rupees 500
  11. The trust deed should also be notarized.
  12. Application for registration of Trust deed to Devsthan Vibhag:
  13. The Charitable Trust is registered under the Rajasthan public trust act under the jurisdiction of Devasthan vibhag, for registration with devsthan vibhag an application is required to be submitted along with trust deed and ID and address proof of trustees and settlor
  14. Publication of Notice in Newspaper for objections from Concerned or Interested persons 
  15. The Newspaper notice is published that require any interested person may object the trust registration application within period of 60 days of publication.
  16. Hearing by Devasthan Vibhag : After the Expiry of Period of 60 days , Trustee is required to present for personal Hearing at Trust Office 
  17. Grant to Certificate of Registration of Trust 

Documents Required for Online Trust Registration in Rajasthan

  • Aadhar Card and Pan Card Copy of Settler
  • Aadhar Card and Pan Card Copy of Trustees
  • Electricity Bill of Office of Trust
  • Rent Agreement of office of Trust in any
  • Photo of Settler
  • Photo of Trustees

Important Clauses of Online Trust Deed for Public Charitable Trust :

When drafting a trust deed for Online Trust registration in Rajasthan, it is essential to include specific clauses to ensure clarity and legal compliance. Here are some important clauses to consider:

  • Name Clause: Defines the official name of the trust.
  • Address Clause: Specifies the registered office of the trust.
  • Objects Clause: Outlines the objectives and purposes of the trust.
  • Trustees Clause: Lists the names and roles of the trustees.
  • Powers of Trustees: Describes the powers, rights, and duties of the trustees.
  • Beneficiaries Clause: Identifies the beneficiaries of the trust.
  • Funds Utilization: Specifies how the trust’s funds will be used and managed.
  • Amendment Clause: Provides procedures for amending the trust deed.
  • Dissolution Clause: Details the process for dissolving the trust and handling remaining assets.

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What Returns and Documents are required to be filed by Public Charitable Trust

In this article, we will list out important returns and documents that are required to be filed by Registered Public Charitable Trust in Rajasthan ( Charitable Trust Returns) , It is very important to file mandatory legal returns as prescribed by authorities from time to time.


Following are the List of Returns and documents requried to be filed by Public Chartiable Trust

S.No Particulars Department Due Date 
1Statement of yearly investmentDevsthan 1st April each year
2Statement of recovery of loans debts and advances etc.Devsthan 15th Oct. and 15th April each year
3Statement of income from rent of propertiesDevsthan within 6 months from end of FY 
4Statement of Bhets to trustDevsthan within 6 months from end of FY 
5Statement of income and expenditure of the public trustDevsthan within 6 months from end of FY 
6Statement of payment of dues and debtsDevsthan within 6 months from the end of FY 
7Return of Donations for 80GIncome Tax 30th April
8Income Tax ReturnIncome Tax 30th Sept
9Income Tax Audit in Form 10B- 12a and 80g registered entities Income Tax 30th Sept
10TDS Payment Income Tax 07th from the end of the month in which TDS was deducted 
11TDS Return income Taxwithin 30 days from the end of qtr – for March return within 60 days from the end of qtr 
10Meeting of Trustees Internal as per the trust deed
11Minutes of meeting Internal for every meeting held of trustees
11Audit of Annual Accounts  Within 6 months from the end of FY 
12Maintenance of Books of Accounts regular basis

Draft Trust Deed for Public Charitable Trust

Trust is created via trust declared by settlor , in the process of declaration of trust settlor is required to execute trust deed , so he can write the terms of creation of trust and anyone in future can act on the basis of trust deed executed by settlor, Trust deed should be drafted vary carefully so as the trust declared by the settlor can achieve its objectives.

Trust Deed is should be duly executed , signed by either settlor or settlor , trustees. To Register Public Trust under Public Trust act of any state Trust Deed is main and important document.

Important clauses in Draft Trust Deed of Public Charitable Trust

Clauses Included in Draft Trust Deed

  • Name of Settlor
  • Declaration of Trust by settlor
  • Object Clause of Trust
  • Declaration as Public Trust
  • Beneficiary Clause
  • Area of Operations
  • Properties of Trust
  • Number of Trustees and There Powers
  • Trust Administration and Power of Board of Trustees
  • Meetings of Board of Trustees
  • Remuneration /Allowances To Trustees & Office Bearers
  • Bank Account
  • Trust Fund
  • Accountability Of Trustees
  • Accounts and Audit of Trust
  • Amendments to Trust Deed
  • Irrevocable Clause
  • Dissolution Clause

Draft Trust Deed

Charitable Public Trust Deed

  • Ready Made Trust Deed Draft Copy in Word
  • Just Change Basic Details like Name , Address, etc or make any changes you want
  • Ready to Print on Stamp Paper