How to File RTI Application Online In India

RTI (right to Information ) application can be filed online in India through web portal https://rtionline.gov.in/ to most of Departments:

Here is the step by step Procedure for Filing RTI application in India Online:

  1. Create Account at www.rtionline.gov.in  by Filing On Screen Information.
  2. Login your Account
  3. Select Ministry/Department/Apex body
  4. Select Public Authority
  5. Personal Details of RTI Applicant :
    1. Name
    2. address
    3. gender
    4. Address
    5. Pincode
    6. Phone No.
    7. email id
    8. Educational status
    9. Citizens (RTI Applcation can Only be filed by Indian Citizens )
    10. Is the Applicant Below Poverty Line ? yes, no
  6.  Text for RTI Request application : Write details of Information Sought up to 3000 words  . e.g.  Please Provide Details Regarding Amount Spent on Advertisement including Print Media, Electronic Media or through any Other way on Swach Bharat Abhiyan .
  7. Make Payment of Rs. 10
  8. Submit Application

You will receive confirmation email regarding submission of RTI application.

You can always view status of your application Online.