How to Start Kids Clothing Store Business

In this article, we will discuss starting kids clothing store business, Kids Clothing market is a never-ending growth market with certain challenges, if you are planning to venture into a new venture in the clothing segment, a kids clothing store can be amazing business to start with.

What type of store to choose

Under Kids Clothing store there are two types of models that generally work in the market, first one is a franchise-based business model and the other is an own-brand business model, both business models have their own pros and cons and we need to understand carefully before starting out.

Franchise Business Model

Under the Franchise Business model, store will be operated under your name and the brand name will be of reputed kids clothing brand, You will have to sign the franchise agreement, where all terms and conditions regarding the business will be mentioned, in most of the franchise agreements there are two costs associated with, one is initial franchise fee and other is % of sales from the store. For Example, you are taking a franchisee of a reputed kids brand in your area, you pay an initial franchise fee of Rs. 5 Lakh and then 5 % of sales turnover every month.

Own Brand Business Model

Under own brand business model, the business owner himself owns the brand and all advertisement and marketing costs, if you are planning to start a Kids Clothing store under your own brand name, you need to have your own brand, that you have to search, you will also need to register your brand under trademark laws so that no one other than you can use the brand without your permission.

Once you decide which Business model you choose for your Kids Clothing store business, you need to go for some legal registration for your business

kids clothing store

Choosing Business Entity for Legal Registration for Kids Clothing Store

As per your requirements, you can register any of the above-mentioned entities for your kid’s clothing store, you can link on the link given for each business, and read about which business structure suits your requirements. if you are still confused then you can connect with us by submitting your request.

Obtain GST Registration

In most cases, you will need to obtain GST registration for your business, you can check out GST Registration requirements from here.

How to apply for GST Registration

Find Suppliers for your Kids Clothing Store

You will need goods suppliers you can supply you goods with high quality and best pricing, Ensure to have good margin on products sales. You can find suppliers on websites like Indiamart.


How to Start Online Course Business in India

How to Start Online Course Business in India 1

Starting an online course is one of the most popular thing that people are doing on internet these days.

Under the online course you provide video course on some of the important topics like digital marketing, Facebook ads Android app development web development affiliate marketing legal courses and many other topics.

Starting your own online course needs some efforts for development of website, marketing campaigns, payment gateways and a business that provides a bank account in the name of your company and your video courses.

Step by step procedure for development of online course

  • Getting getting full knowledge of the topic for which you want to make an video course
  • Making making making videos for every topic that you want to cover in the online course
  • Video editing
  • Buying a domain name that suits your course
  • Buying an hosting for hosting your website
  • Development development of website with WordPress.org
  • Getting getting the perfect theme for your online course under WordPress
  • Installing plugin for online course on WordPress
  • Uploading the course contents
  • Uploading the video course according to contents
  • Setting up payment gateway
  • Legal registration of your business
  • Bank account for your business
  • Link payment gateway with your bank account
  • Startmarketing your courses online on Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Instagram Google and other blogs
  • Sell your courses to the targeted audience
  • Repeat repeat and Make some other courses too