How to Register Society in Rajasthan

In India, NGO can be registered as Trust, Society and or Section 8 Company under Companies Act, 2013. Here we will discuss about the basic requirements to Register a Society in Rajasthan.

Information Required for Society Registration :

  1. Minimum 7 Members are Required
  2. There should be person whom members should Designate 1. President 2. Manager 3. Secretary 4. Treasurer
  3. Objects of Society : Like Promotion of Education, Child Development, Water Management, Housing Society Etc.
  4. Name of Society
  5. Initial and Annual Membership Subscription Amount from Members.
  6. If Society has scope of work for all over the state of Rajasthan than 4 Members from the different District are Required
  7. Category of Members (General, OBC, SC etc)
society registration

Documents Required for Registration :

  1. Aadhar Card of all the Members of Society( Aadhar Card is required and Aadhar must be linked for Mobile OTP )
  2. Photo of all the Designated Person i.e. President, Manager, Secretary, Treasurer
  3. Electricity Bill of Office Address of Society
  4. Signed by Laws from Designated Persons
  5. Authorization letter to the Authorised person: who is handling the society Registration work: Company Secretary or Advocate.

Update : Aadhar of Minimum 7 Members are required for Online Processing of Application, Please note that aadhar must be Mobile OTP enabled.

Time Required for Registration: 8-12 Working Days

Government Fee for Registration :

  1. Normal Society i.e. Education: Rs. 10016/-
  2. Water Management: Rs. 500/-
  3. Cow Help: Rs. 100/-

Professional Fee varies from Rs. 5000-8000/-

What documents do you get after Society Registration

Once the society is registered, we can download the following

  • Certificate of Society Registration digitally signed by Registrar
  • By-Laws of Society digitally signed by Registrar
  • List of Managing Committee Members

PAN Card of Society

Once the Society registration is completed we have to apply for Bank Card of Society online with Income Tax Department, PAN card of Society is very important document and first it will be used for Bank Account opening purpose and afterwards it will be used for other purposes like Filing of Income Tax Return, Audit , Application of 12A and 80G of NGO and other financial and KYC requirements it is required

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