PHED Contractor Enlistment in Rajasthan

In this article we will discuss about PHED Contractor enlistment in Rajasthan, the qualification for the enlistment of contractors with PHED is prescribed in Contractor Enlistment Rules. If any Company or Firm want to work on projects of PHED in Rajasthan, they are required to get enlisted in the department as their contractor.

Class of Civil Contractors for PHED Contractor:

  • AA Class
  • A Class
  • B Class
  • C Class
  • D Class

Who Will Enlist Contractors for PHED Contractor:

Contractor ClassEnlistment Authority
AA ClassChief Engineer of the Respective Engineering Department
A ClassChief Engineer of the respective Department
B ClassAdditional Chief Engineer of the respective Zone
C ClassSuperintending Engineer of the Circle
D ClassExecutive Engineer of the respective Division

Past Experience for PHED Contractor Enlistment:

Past experience for enlistment for various classes shall be as given below. When applying for enlistment, the contractors of all classes will be required to submit list of works executed, the amount of each individual work being not less than the amount indicated in col.3 of table given below under each class, the authorities under which the works were carried out and the time in which these were carried out.

S.No.ClassPast Experience for Enlistment
1.AA ClassSatisfactorily completed 2 works each costing not less than Rs. 1 crore during three years.
2.A ClassSatisfactorily completed 2 works each costing not less than Rs. 50 lac during three years.
3.B ClassSatisfactorily completed 2 works each costing not less than Rs. 10 lac during three years.
4.C ClassSatisfactorily completed 2 works each costing not less than Rs. 2 lac during three years.
5.D ClassNil

Class of Contractor and Amount of Work that can be done :

S. No. 

Class of contractors
Extent upto which qualified to tender for any, work
1AA classAny amount
2A ClassUpto Rs. 3.00 crores
3.B ClassUpto Rs. 1.50 crores
4.C ClassUpto Rs. 50 Lacs
5.D ClassUpto Rs. 15 Lacs

Registration fee Contractor Registration : 

Class of contractors
Amount of Registration Fee in Cash/Treasury Challan/Bank Demand Draft (Non-refundable)Amount of Security Deposit in form of Interest bearing deposit/FDR of Bank 
Rs. 30,000.00
8 Lakh
Class ARs. 22500.004 Lakh
Class BRs. 15000.002 Lakh
Class CRs. 6000.001 Lakh
Class DRs. 3000.00 50 Thousand 

Documents Required for PHED Contractor

  • Copy of PAN
  • Copy of Aadhar Card
  • Photograph
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Address Verification of Firm/Company’s by police station/post/Councilor/Sarpanch (Verification must be attested)
  • Affidavit of a close relative of Proprietor/All partners/Directors
  • Two Certificates of work completed satisfactorily in last 3 years with work order and documents of T.D.S. deduction (26 A.S.) (amount in lacs)
  • List of machinery, plant, and documents of ownership and list of working staff on the stamp of Rs. 50 / – (rent nomination of machinery on the stamp of Rs. 500 /with Ownership documents)
  • Attested report(3B report) of latest GST return
  • Affidavit regarding Sales Tax on a stamp of Rs. 50/- and undertaking released by C.A.
  • Bank Confidential Report regarding

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