How to Start Business With OLA, Uber and Other Taxi Aggregator Company in India

If you are thinking to attach car with Ola, Uber or Other Taxi Aggregator Company in India, this simply means you want to start   Taxi Business in India.  Renting a Taxi Business is a Service based business as you are providing services of renting a cab to your customers.

What is OLA and Uber ?

In simple way these are Technology Companies having a Mobile App through with anyone who needs a cab can book a cab through mobile app only.

Why you should attach car with these Apps ? 

Attaching a car can be rewarding for your Business as these companies will provide you customers  through their mobile app and will make payout to your Bank Account on the decided or Fixed date on the basis of rides completed by your car.

Basic Requirements for Attaching Car With OLA or Uber ?

  1. Sign Up on Uber or Ola Website as Driver  or Visiting to Nearest  Local Office
  2. Driving Licence of Driver and Registration Certificate of your Car
  3. Registration Certificate of your Firm ( Service Tax Registration Certificate )
  4. Proof Of Insurance
  5. PAN Card Copy

Installing Driver Mobile App:

Once the documents and Registration gets approved with the Mobile App Company , the company will provide you all the details to download the mobile app and other formalities. You can also download app on playstore.

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Note: This article is for knowledge purpose only, you cannot take any content as legal or other regulatory advice.