EPFO and ESI return mandatory only when Company cross threshold limits

EPFO and ESI return mandatory only when Company cross threshold limits 1

With the introduction of the incorporation form spice + the ministry has made mandatory to get ESIC and EPF registration along with the bank account of the company in this purpose the stakeholders has got confused about the filing of the returns and EPF and ESIC as all these companies incorporated have laser numbers of employees then that are prescribed under these respective acts and not required to comply with respective regulations.

In this regard ministry has come out with the clarification that the return filing for these companies are not mandatory unless they cross the threshold prescribed under the respective acts

As per MCA website update

New companies incorporated through SPICe+ and thereby have obtained EPFO/ESI numbers will have to file statutory returns only when they cross thresholds prescribed under the relevant Acts.


Provident Fund (PF) Registration

Provident Fund (PF) Registration is very important for every organization with respect to employee welfare as the provident fund is Social Security initiative that the employees of the Company or Firm get into habits of savings and accumulate funds, EPFO contribution also gets benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Who Is Required To Obtain Provident Fund (PF ) Registration :

Provident Fund Registration is mandatory for every Company/ LLP/ Partnership Firm/ Proprietorship Firm or any other organization which employs more than 20 individuals, including contractual and permanent employees.

Voluntarily Registration of Provident Fund (PF) can also be obtained by the Company/LLP/Partnership Firm/ Proprietorship Firm which does not have the minimum 20 Employees.

Companies which are not registered under Provident Fund (PF) and are having employees more than 20 are required to register within 1 Month form the date of exceeding the limit of employees and can also be registered after 1 month by paying penalties applicable.

Information Required For Registration Under Provident Fund (PF) :

Every Company/LLP/Partnership Firm/ Proprietorship firm are required to Provide following Information for Registration under Provident Fund :

  • Name and address of Company/LLP/Partnership Firm/ Proprietorship firm
  • Office details of Company/LLP/Partnership Firm/ Proprietorship firm
  • Mention date of incorporation/registration of company
  • Fill up details of employees – total employee strength
  • Activity the business/enterprise is involved in – i.e. manufacturing, production, service, etc
  • Owner details, including designation and address of Directors and partners
  • Particulars related to wage component of employees
  • Details of bank with whom company has banking relationship
  • PAN details
  • Basic details of the employee (name, date of joining, salary, etc.)

Documents Required For Provident Fund (PF) Registration:

Employers are expected to furnish certain documents as proof in order to successfully register EPF, a list of which are mentioned below.

  • Copy of Certificate of incorporation, partnership deed if the company is a registered partnership firm or GST Registration Certificate
  • Public and Private Limited Companies need to submit a copy of memorandum and Articles of Association
  • PAN details of Company
  • Proof of incorporation – first sales invoice/ license issued by competent authorities
  • No of employees
  • Cancel Cheque or Bank statement
  • Email id and Mobile Number

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