How to Get PostPe Limit

PostPe is a Buy Now Pay Later credit limit product from Fintech company BharatPe, Through Postpe Limit anyone can get Free Interest free Credit for 30 days or up to date of the due date. Postpe provides a credit limit within 5 minutes and you can get an instant credit facility, through which you can make online payments, Scan QR Code of any Bharatpe Marchant and pay them.

How to Apply for PostPe Limit

To get the Postpe limit you are required to download the App free from play store

Download Postpe App

Postpe Credit Limit

How to Get PostPe Limit 1

Get Limit from Rs. 5000 to 10 Lakh Instantly

  • Get Money within 5 minutes
  • Interest Free Limit

Signup with Mobile Number

Now signup to Postpe with Mobile Number you wish to register your postpe account

Enter Your PAN Number

in the Next Step you are required to enter your PAN Number, You must ensure that you must have the existing credit score to get a higher Postpe Limit.

Enter your Aadhar Number

In the next step, you are required to enter Aadhar Number, once you enter Aadhar Number, you are required to Authorize Aadhar information via Digilocker.

Upload your Selfie

Now you are required to Upload your Selfie in the next step

Instant Credit Approval

Postpe limit

Once you Upload the Selfie, on the next screen you will get an Instant Credit approval Limit, which you can use anytime Now.

What is Buy Now Pay Later

In Buy Now Pay Later product you can buy products and services by making online payments now and paying them as per terms of credit Services. If your credit service provider gives you a credit limit for 30 days and provides a due date. you will need to make payment by such due date or convert the purchases into EMI and then pay with a certain fixed interest rate. PostPe Limit is also a Buy Now Pay Later Product.

Slice Card – Postpe Alternative

If you are not getting approval Postpe Limit approval, you can try slice card as well, It works great as well.

Slice Card

slice card

Credit card Alternative

  • Pay in Two Installments with zero Interest
  • Higher Credit Limit
  • 1% Cash back on every online Spend
  • Brand Payment Instant Cashbacks
  • Direct Bank Transfer as Loan

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