Form NDH-4 , Filing of Form NDH-4 for Nidhi Companies

As per recent Amendment in Nidhi Rules, every Company is required to file Form NDH-4 to ROC , This form is an Application for Declaration of Company as Nidhi Company and Nidhi Company name will be Published in Official Gazette..

Following Information is required for Filing of form NDH-4

  1. Equity Paidup Capital as on Date of Application

  2. MOA of Company

  3. Whether the company has carried out any financial dealings with any person other than its members ? Yes /NO

  4. Whether the company has complied with the Nidhi Rules, 2014 ? Filing of all Returns , 10 % of Term Deposit Details

  5. *Number of branches opened by the company and places where opened along with dates of opening- if Yes, Details thereof – Name of Branch, Place of Branch and Date of opening

  6. The ratio of net owned funds to deposits accepted- Deposits/Net owned Funds

  7. *Is the ratio of loan on immovable property within the prescribed limit, YES/No

  8. Board Resolution for support of Above

  9. Certificate Signed by Two Directors of the Company regarding the number of members as on date of application (Members should not be less than 200)

  10. Certificate from the auditors of the company to the effect that the company has complied with the Nidhi Rules, 2014

Please Note that for new Every New Nidhi Companies , this form is required to be filed within 1 years from that Date of Incorporation.


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