Electrical Contractor Licence In Rajasthan

Electrical Contractor Licence is mandatorily required to obtain before applying for any Tender in Rajasthan for Contractor work. Every person who is planning to apply for tender of Electrical government works must obtain the Electrical contractor’s license with PWD And Electrical Inspector.

Minimum Requirements for applying for Electrical Contractor Licence :

A contractor must have a Firm Registered, a Firm can be a proprietorship firm, company, partnership, or LLP ( you can choose any type of business entity) ( For Firm Registration with Fastlegal call 9782280098 or email: mail@fastlegal.in )

Obtain GST Registration for Electrical Contractor Licence :

Your Firm must have GST Registration ( for GST Registration call 9782280098 or email: mail@fastlegal.in) 

Classes of Electrical Works Contractors

  • E- xyI
  • E- xyII
  • E- xyIII
  • E-xyVI
Contractor Class AIndividual or legal entity either partnership or proprietorship firm or private or public limited company having at least 3 years of experience as “B” or “C” class contractor. he shall have successfully executed a minimum of 10 numbers of HT installation (Across India) OR Individual or the owner of the firm or all partner(s) of the firm who is /are Engineers(s) having 5 years of experience in electrical operation and maintenance field (Across India) OR Individual or a firm who ( or which) is already having a license issued by the competent authority of any other state and having experience of at least three years in electrical works of above 33 KV Voltage level with successful execution 10 numbers of HT installation (Across India)
Contractor Class BAny individual or legal entity or legal entity either partnership or proprietorship firm or private or public limited firm or company or contractor having a license issued by the competent authority of any other state.
Contractor Class CFor the person (s) who is /are unemployed engineer holding degree or diploma in electrical engineering or is class “A” supervisor (Applicable for domicile or Rajasthan only)
Contractor Class DFor the person(s) holding a certificate or permit for supervisor or wireman issued by the office of the Chief/senior electrical inspector (HOD)
Electrical Contractor Licence

Electrical Sub Class Of Contractors for Electrical Contractor Licence:

  • EWSD-I
  • AC-I
  • LE-I
  • FF-I
  • ER-I
WiremanCandidates who have passed two years ITI or National Apprenticeship Certificate recognized by the Government. OR Candidate having a permit to work as Wireman issued by the competent authority of other states.
Supervisor Class A(For any voltage level)Candidates who have B.E. or B.Tech in Electrical Engineering Or Candidates who have valid experience as B Class supervisors for at least five years.
Supervisor Class B(Voltage up to 33 kV and below)Candidates who have a diploma in Electrical Engineering OR (a) candidate who has a wireman permit issued by Electrical Inspectorate of Rajasthan; and (b) at least ten years of valid practical electrical works experience in the State of Rajasthan as electrician/ wireman certified by electrical contractor of Class A/ B/ C or by the head of the office/ section in charge of any State/ Central Government/ Board/ Corporation/ private sector establishment/ installations OR Supervisor having a certificate of competency and permit to work as supervisor issued by the competent authority of other states.
Supervisor Mines(A) A Degree holder in Electrical Engineering with one year practical experience in mining installation after obtaining a degree (B) A Diploma holder in Electrical Engineering with two years practical experience in mining installation after obtaining the diploma (B) A Valid wireman permit holder with a minimum working experience of 15 years out of which 5-year practical experience.
Charted Safety Electrical Engineer(A) The applicant should have a degree in Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering (B) At least five years or experience operation and maintenance of the electrical installation

Information and Documents required for Electrical Contractor Licence

  • Contractors basic details
  • Business name
  • BRN No. (If Available)
  • Firm And Bank Details
  • Solvency Certificate (Issued by Bank, Local Tehsil, ADM )
  • Infrastructure Details
  • Work Experience
  • Machine Details
  • Employee Detail
  • Litigation Details (Court Cases If Any)
  • Relative Details ( Details Of Relative Who Works In Same Department )
  • Scanned Copies of Documents Required:
    • Self Photo(Scanned Passport Size)
    • Self Signature
    • Contractor’s PAN Card
    • Contractor’s Aadhaar Card
    • Address Verification of Firm/Company’s by police station/post/Councilor/Sarpanch (Verification must be attested)
    • Scanned copy of GST Registration
  • Affidavit of a close relative of Proprietor/All partners/Directors.
  • Two Certificates of work completed satisfactorily in last 3 years with work order and documents of T.D.S. deduction (26 A.S.) (amount in lacs).
  • List of machinery, plant, and documents of ownership and list of working staff on the stamp of Rs. 50 / – (rent nomination of machinery on the stamp of Rs. 500 /with Ownership documents).
  • Attested report(3B report) of latest GST return.
  • Affidavit regarding Sales Tax on the stamp of Rs. 50/- and undertaking released by C.A.
  • Bank Confidential Report

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