How to File Form 10BD ( Donation Return) for 80G registered NGO

In this article, we will discuss the filing of Donation Return in Form 10BD, Form 10BD ( Donation Return) is required to be filed by every NGO registered under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, where Donors get tax deductions on the basis of donations made by them to such registered insitituions. In the Amendments made in the Finance Act, the government has made it mandatory filing for such institutions to file Donation returns on or before 31st may, Late filing will attract a fee of Rs. 200 per day.

Form 10BD (Donation Return)

Information required for Filing Form 10BD ( Donation Return)

Following Information of Donar is required for the Filing of Donation form on the Income Tax Portal:

  1. ID Code- PAN, Aadhar, Passport, Tax Identification Number ( anyone)
  2. Name of Donar
  3. Address of Donar
  4. Donation Type – Corpus, specific, others
  5. Mode of Receipt of Donation – Cash, Kind, Electronic, Others
  6. Amount of Donation

Procedure for Filing form 10BD ( Donation Return) on Income Tax Portal

  1. Login to Income Tax Portal
  2. Select Filling of Forms
  3. Search and Select Form 10BD
  4. Prepare the Form
  5. Upload Excel with Donar and Donation Details ( Click below to download Excel)
  6. Submit the Form and Download the Acknowledgement

Donation Certificate in Form 10BE

Once the Return in Form 10BD is submitted, the Certificate in Form 10BE will be available for download on Income Tax Portal. NGO is required to give such certificates to Donors to enable them to claim 80G exemption.

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