How to Start Photography Business in India

This article will be discussing the procedure required for starting the photography business in India

The photography business is gaining popularity among the people in India as the market is sitting among the digital community and in digital space, you know the important aspects to show your product is a photos videos so the increase for the photographers for videographers have increased significantly in the recent years

If you are passionate in the photography e is the perfect business you can have right now

Photography business

Here is how you can start , register and manage your photography business

Decide what type of photography you will do

The first thing you need to do is to decide the what type of photography you will do the photography can be different types like for a real estate developer it can be the photography of real estate products portfolio you can also carry on a photography for royal wedding can carry on photography business for a Photoshop and I will different websites as well

You can also do the photography for products that are sold on eCommerce platforms, photography can be done for nature for tourism and many other things it is very important to focus on what you are choosing initially and you can explain your project portfolio further.

Making a business plan

the next thing you have to do is to make a proper business plan for your photography Business business plan you need to take consideration of all the aspects that are required at movement and also how the future implications in a technological changes could be taken care of

In business plan you need to consider all the aspects that you business has to follow like a how you will market your business what marketing strategies you will follow for promoting your business online you can take care of Instagram and other social media marketing platforms for initially promoting your business and once you make the sales you can go with a period as well you need to decide the geographic for your business where you can operate and you should target the perfect audience on that.

Now you have to decide the pricing plan for your portfolio they take how much you will charge for doing things you love for per day basis for project basis of things will work for you.

Start your own website

Now just buy a domain name from domain service provider and create a simple wordpress website with full portfolio photos that you already shooted this will help you to gain access to prospective clients and create your brand identity

Create a website you need to have your own business logo, you can tell help of the online logo maker like canva.com and other alternatives.

Register your business

Now what you have to do is to register your photography business legally in India registration of photography business is same as doing any other business and does not require many formalities you can start with sole proprietorship business if you are a single individual, you can also start a one-person company

Photography business is of more than two or more individuals then you can go with a partnership or private limited company registration

If you are going to pitch the corporate clients it is advisable to go with a private limited company registration as it provides more credibility among your prospective clients.

Documents Required for photography business registration in India

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Statement with current address
  • Mobile No
  • Email id
  • Electricity Bill of office address
  • Rent Agreement, if rented
  • NOC from Owner

please note that your home address can also be your business address so you can start your business from your home address also

Getting the first client for your photography business

First client for your photography business only say for every business is the most important aspect because ultimately the clients are only people who provides sales to your business so start promoting your fishes online among the large part of your audience you can take help of digital marketing by doing the Facebook ads or Instagram ads, for doing all your digital marketing activities you can hire the digital marketing people available on Profit sharing basis as well this will help you to to get good amount of clients with less risk

Regularly you will be getting a good portfolio and you will start getting automatically will help you to generate regular flow of Business and you can now hire another people for your business with you and scale as much as you can.

Issuing of first sales invoice

Now once the client is finalized you can offer him to issue the sales invoice and get the payment, it is advisable to get the sales invoice formatted rightly has per the Indian laws, you can take help of the invoicing software available online and make a profile of your business and issue the first sales invoice

Filing of company returns

If you register your business online as a private limited company then you need to file regular compliance returns for your company as per Indian companies act, filing of returns are mandatory and non filing can lead to you very high amount of penalties so you need to regularly get in touch with your legal advisor who handles your business filings.

Please be noted that even if your sales and purchases are NIL, you are required to file your business returns in mandatory.

Filing of GST returns

You are registered under the GST then you are required to file the GST returns regularly, non-filing of GST returns attracts penalties and you can consult with your legal advisor for your business.

How to take the help of the Fast legal team for carrying on your legal filings and business registration formalities.

Filing of income tax returns

Every business needs to file their own income tax return beside company and GST returns and under income tax you have to pay the taxes on the profit earned on your business

Is always advisable to take help of a chartered accountants or other tax practitioner for filing of your income tax returns online.

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