How to Play Teen Patti and Other Games You May Not Have Known About

Many countries have devised their version of different games, some are original while others are based on an existing game, and upgraded. One of these is the popular South Asian game known as ‘Teen Patti’, which is also known as ‘three cards’ in English.

Steps Involved in Playing Teen Patti

As mentioned above this is a popular game in South Asia, and is a gambling game that many enjoy. It is played with a normal deck of 52 cards, not including the Joker. It is typically played with real money and can be played by up to 6 players and no less than 3 players.

Played with either no limit or pot limit, this game is similar to the game of Poker or Texas Hold ‘em, the goal of each player is to maximize the value of their individual pots and to win by either having the best three cards or laying down your hands.   

First, you select a dealer: once you draw cards, the dealer is selected and the person with the highest drawn cards gets to play that position. However, don’t be dismayed as everyone gets a turn to be a dealer. This will go clockwise and, in every round, a dealer is chosen.

Then you place an ante: an ante is collected for each of the players, this is to form an initial pot which the players will compete for. The pot is usually capped at equaling 1024 times when played with a limit, however, you can also play without a limit. This game does not necessarily need to be played in the physical but can also be played online, and when playing online, you can place the ante via a 3 Patti real money paytm cash deposit, and each player will deposit their amount.

Once this is done, then you get your cards: the dealer will hand out the cards to each player. He deals three cards facing down to himself and then to each player in a clockwise direction.

The acting starts: Now that the game has started, the first player on the left-hand side goes, and he can choose to play a blind card, without seeing his cards, or if decided at the beginning of the game with his cards seen. If he plays without seeing the cards, he can do three things, either he can choose to fold, raise to double the pot or call the ante. If he chooses to play with his cards seen, he can double the ante, fold or raise to quadruple it. The bet he makes is known as the ‘stake’.

It’s the next player’s turn: when it’s the turn of the next player, the acting continues. Each of the players will have an option to fold, raise or call either through cards seen or hidden (blind). Depending on the stake the previous player has placed, the next player can bet on it and set a newer stake. If he chooses to place a blind it can be either x1 or x2 the stake amount if it is blind, however, if it is a seen card then he can place a bet of x2 or x4 the stake. The new stake is always either always half as much as the existing one. 

A side-show: when there are at least three players left in the game, and after two of the consecutive ‘seen players’ play their turn, then they can request a side-show with the previous player. If you are that player you can either deny or accept the request. In the event the player accepts the request he will secretly show his cards to the other opponent and the one with the worst hand ranking will be eliminated and the game will continue.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings  

From the best hand to the worse hand the below are the hand rankings for Teen Patti:

  • Best hand: Set / Trail / Trio. Three like cards irrespective of suit or colour (for example 9-9-9 of diamonds or A-A-A heart and spade)
  • Second best hand: Straight Flush or Pure Sequence. Three successive cards of the same suit and colour (for instance, K-Q-J of clubs or A-2-3 of hearts)
  • Third best hand: Run / Sequence / Straight. Three consecutive cards of unlike suits (for instance, A-2-3 or K-Q-J of a spade, heart, and diamond)
  • Fourth best hand: Flush / Color. Three cards of the same colour and suit, but not in a sequence (for instance, 9-4-3 of spades or A-K-K of hearts)
  • Fifth best hand: A Pair. Two cards of the same rank regardless of colour or suit (for instance A-A-9 or 5-5-J)
  • Worst hand: High Card. Three cards that are not in a sequence, of the same value or the same suit (for instance, A-9-4 with two diamonds and one spade)

Hopefully, you get the gist of the game, and if it’s too complicated to play using real cards, there is always the option of playing online!

Below are some of the other games that originated from their own countries that you may never have heard of:

United Kingdom – Pass the Parcel

Starting with games in the United Kingdom, one that’s a popular and traditional game is “Pass the Parcel”. Involving music and merriment alongside some crumpets and tea. This is a game that requires some preparation and is worth every effort. The basic idea is someone places a prize inside a box and wraps it up strategically, so no one can tell what’s inside.

The parcel is passed around a circle and once the music stops you remove one layer of the wrapping, and the music continues, till the person who removes the last layer of wrapping paper gets the prize! Pretty simple, ey? But so much fun, the anticipation keeps everyone going. Did we mention the DJ or person in charge of the music is blindfolded?

Brazil – Luta De Galo

“Luta De Galo” is a game that originated from Brazil, in Portuguese, it means “Fight of The Roosters”. If you are into an adventurous and funny game, this would be it. Ever wanted to act like a chicken? This is a hilarious game that doesn’t involve any fighting, funny enough. However, you will need props that include a rag, a bandana, a small towel, and a handkerchief to play with.

Nigeria – Ten Ten

The wildly popular game Ten Ten is a popular one in Nigeria and is a clapping game that’s so nice, they named it twice. Similar to the game we all have played at least once in our lifetimes, “Rock Paper Scissors”, the only difference is it is played with your feet, with some added singing and clapping. It sure helps with enhancing your hand-eye coordination, to get you into the rhythm of things.

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