List of important Legal Documents

In this article, we will discuss important Legal documents every company or startup should follow in practice, The document which clearly mentions the detailed terms and conditions, roles, and responsibilities has become a necessity for every business. Most businesses to scale up require alliances or business associates or require alternate resources or new technology, therefore to enter into a legal contract or obligation document which is the one that is clear enough to be easily understood by a person of ordinary prudence and at the same time detailed enough so that it cannot be wilfully misinterpreted is required and this documents than forms part of an integral part when the terms of the contract are beached by any party for commercial litigations purposes.

List of some important Legal Documents which every Startup Company or Business is Required :

  1. Business Associate Agreement
  2. Partnership Agreement
  3. Franchisee and Trademark Assignment Agreement
  4. Board Resolutions
  5. Business Takeover Agreement
  6. Work Space Sharing Agreement
  7. NON Disclosure Agreement
  8. Leave and Licence Agreement
  9. Software Licence Agreement
  10. Website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
  11. Refund Policy
  12. Social Media Policy
  13. Appointment Letter for Managerial Personals


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