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Planning to start a Company or already running a Company ?

Our expert Company Secretaries are here to answer all your queries related to mandatory annual compliances, event-based filings and compliances, transfer of shares, sale of company, and all other queries related to Company/LLP.

Consult a Company Secretary for your queries related to Company or LLP registration and compliances.

Connect to our expert Company Secretaries having experience in field of Corporate, Intellectual Property and Insolvency laws.
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Expertise of CS

Company Secretaries are members of The ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). They have expertise in field of business registrations, business restructuring, insolvency laws, taxation matters, FEMA and RBI compliances and other related matters.

To ensure that your business fulfil all legal obligations we have experienced Company Secretaries having knowledge in depth knowledge of tax consulting and business compliances.

Information required

To make most out of consultation session, before starting the call with our expert Company Secretary, we advise you to note down all your queries, referred study material/blog, name of Company/LLP about which you want to discuss and any other thing you think might be useful during consultancy session

What after the consultation

We understand that it is possible to miss some important points during consultation session but don’t worry you may request a re-call from Company Secretary on same day for same time on no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can discuss matters related to business registration, choosing suitable entity for business registration, post registration compliances, how to make changes in Company or LLP, taxation matters etc,

Yes, a Company Secretary can help you in getting financial statements of that Company filed with Registrar of Companies which will help you in understanding about financial position of the Company and also about management of the Company.

Yes, Company Secretary can confirm availability of name of your choice MCA and IP India Portal.

Yes, they can let you know the conditions where you need to report loan to your concerned Registrar of Companies.

Yes, they can certainly advise you on the procedure and steps involved in resignation from a Company.

Consult a Company Secretary

₹ 5000
  • Basic Consultation Package
    Package Inclusions
  • 1-hour consultation session
  • Preliminary review of documents
  • Basic compliance advice
  • Email support for follow-up questions
If you have any specific requirements or need a tailored consultation, please contact us for a customized quote. Our experienced Company Secretary is here to ensure your business remains compliant and well-governed.
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