Main object of Gaming Company

  • To conduct “games of skill” which includes all such games where there is a preponderance of skill over chance, including where the skill relates to strategising the manner of placing wagers or placing bets, or where the skill lies in team selection or selection of virtual stocks based on analyses, or where the skill relates to the manner in which the moves are made, whether through deployment of physical or mental skill and acumen.
  • To conduct skill games programme like Chess, Sudoku, Quizzes, Binary Options, Bridge, Poker, Rummy, Nap, Spades, Auction, Solitaire, virtual Golf, virtual racing games including virtual horse racing, virtual car racing etc.; virtual Sports including virtual Soccer, virtual Cricket, virtual Archery, virtual snooker/bridge/pool, virtual fighting, virtual wrestling, virtual boxing, virtual combat games, virtual adventure games, virtual mystery and detective games, virtual stock/monopoly games, virtual team selection games, virtual sport fantasy league games.
  • To offer “games of skill” on website, mobile platform, television or any other online media and also to earn a revenue by means of advertising or by taking a percentage of winnings of game play or charging a fixed fee for membership or for downloading a game.
  • To carry on the business of buying, selling, reselling, importing, exporting, transporting, storing, developing, promoting, marketing or supplying, trading, dealing in any manner whatsoever in all type of goods related to games on retail as well as on wholesale basis in India or elsewhere.

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