How To Get Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Online In India

A Digital Signature Certificate  is the equivalent of a physical signature in electronic format, Digital Signature of the Applicant  establishes the identity of the sender of an electronic document in the Internet.

Where Digital Signature is Used in India ?

Digital Signatures are used in India can be used to sign any document like physical sign but mostly Digital Signatures  are used for Various Statutory Works Like :

  1. For Filing Income Tax Return
  2. Filing Forms With ROC for Company and LLP Registration or for Filing Various forms Required to be filed under Companies Act and LLP Act
  3. Filing of E Tender
  4. For Applying Import Export Code
  5. For Filing VAT Return
  6. For GST Registration

Types Of Digital Signature :

There are Two types of Digital Signatures used in India :

  1. Class II Digital Signature Certificate used for filing Income tax Return , ROC Filings, IEC Etc.
  2. Class III Digital Signature Certificate mostly required for E tendering and Trademark Filings.

Documents Required for Obtaining Digital signature (DSC) in India :

  1. PAN of Applicant
  2. Aadhar Card/Voter Id/ DL/Passport of Applicant
  3. Photo of Applicant
  4. Signed DSC form

For Digital Signature With Organisation Name a Registration Certificate and Bank statement of Organisation is Required.

Information Required for Obtaining Digital Signature(DSC ) in India:

  1. Mobile no. of Applicant for Verification
  2. Email id of Applicant

Time Required : Within One Day

Pricing : Rs. 800 for Class II and Rs. 3000 for Class III DSC + Currier Charges


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