One Person Company Registration

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Features of One Person Company

1. Required Minimum 1 Director and 1 Shareholders 

2. Investment not Possible

3. Body Corporate and Benifit of Limited Liablitity 

4. Alternate for Sole proprietorship

5. Cannot Access Pulic Funds 

6. Can have only one Shareholder

7. Conversion of One Person Company to normal private Limited Company can be Made

Documents Required For One Person Company Registration

1. PAN of all Directors 

2. Voter ID/DL/Aadhar Card/Passport of All Directors /Shareholder/Nominee

3. Passport Photo of all Directors 

4. Latest Bank Passbook/Statement or Electricity/Boradband Bill 

5. Latest utility bill (electric bill/telephone bill) and Rent Agreement or latest tax receipt/ownership deep of the property for the property to be used for registered office.

Step By Step Procedure

Step 1- Application for Obtaining DSC (Digital Signiture) 

Step 2- Preparation and Signing of Incorporation Documents 

Step 3- Filing of Incorporation Form to MCA 

Step 4- Waiting For Approval from ROC 

Step 5- Certificate of Incorporation

Time Required

Step 1- 1 Day 

Step 2 and 3 - 1 Day 

Step 4 and 5- Time Taken by MCA


 1. Can OPC have 2 Director and 1 Shareholders? 

Yes, OPC can have 2 Directors but it should have only one shareholder/member. 

2.  Is it necessary to appoint Nominee in case of OPC? 

Yes, an Individual should be appointed as nominee in OPC. In the event of death of sole member of OPC nominee will become sole member of the company.

3. Can Nominee Appointed at the time of Incorporation be change after Incorporation ? 

Yes, an Intimation to this effect is required to be given to ROC.  

4. Where do i get CIN No of the Company ? 

CIN is always mentioned at Certificate of Incorproation of the Company , you are required to mentiond Company CIN at all commercial documents like Letter Heads, Visiting Cards, Website of the Company.

5. What is MOA & AOA of the Company?

Memorandum of Association is Charter document of Company , where the name, state of registered office, Objects of the company , Share Capital are mentioned , while in AOA details regarding Authority and procedure for operations of the company are mentioned. 

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