Main Object of Wire and Cable Manufacturing Company

  1. To carry on the manufacture, trade, sale, import and export of all types of optical fibre such as step index, graded index and mono mode and other types of fibres required for use in fibre optic systems and cables, for use in industrial applications, medical use, instrumentation, defense systems, signalling, telecommunication, multi-channel video communication, data communication and other communication and electronic applications.
  2. To carry on the manufacture, trade, sale, import and export of equipment used for Fibre Optic Network such as Line Terminal equipment, Multiplexers, Opto-Electronic Instruments, Line Repeaters, Jointing and Terminating Equipment, Materials and Accessories, Laser Device, Light Emitting Device, Testing and Measuring Equipments.
  3. To design, install, erect, lay, provide consultancy and management services or undertake turnkey projects for manufacturing, installing, laying, commissioning of Fibre Optic Systems, Electrical Transmission and Distribution Network.
  4. To carry on the manufacture, trade, sale, import, export and repair of all types of Testing Equipments for all types of Cables and Conductors including Optical Fibres, Fibre Optic Cables and also Testing Equipments for Optical Fibre System and Optical Fibre Transmission and Distribution Networks.
  5. To Carry on the manufacture, trade, sale, import, and export of all types of Telecommunication and Power Cables including Fibre Optic Cables, Dry Core Cables, Jelly Filled Cables, Coaxial Cables, Switchboard Cables, Radio Frequency Cables, Cables for PCM System, Electronic Cables, Telephone hand Set Cords, Computer Cords, cords required for Electrical Appliances and Defence purposes, Aerial Self-supporting Cables, Jumper wires, Drop Wires, Tinsel Conductors, Ribbon Cables, Control Cables, Instrumentation cables, Signalling Cables, WindingWires, Aircraft and Ship Wiring Cables and all other type of wires and Cables and raw materials used in optical telecommunications.
  6. To carry on the business of manufacture, produce, process, buy, sell, import, export and otherwise deal in all kind of Optical Fibre Cables, Optical Fibre Ribbon, Power Cables including Solar and Wind Energy Cables, Radio Frequency Cables, Hybrid Cables, Composite Cables, Quad Cables, Railway Signalling Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Control Cables, Optical Fibre Ribbon Cables, Flexible Cables and Cords, Other Specialty Cables, Tactical Cables, Railway Catenary Wire, Grooved Contact Wire, Dropper Wire, Optical Fibre and all kinds of Preform of Silica Rods, Silica Rod and Tubes, Quartz Rods and Tubes, Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Rods, Glass Roving Filling/Flooding Compound, Aramid Yarn, Water Swellable Yarns, Colouring Inks, Oils, Chemicals, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, all Gases, UV Resins, all other raw materials and inputs required for manufacture of all kinds of Optical Fibre, Optical Fibre Ribbon, Optical Fibre Cables, Telecommunication Cables, Power Cables, Radio Frequency Cables, Hybrid Cables, Composite Cables, Quad Cables, Railway Signalling Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Control Cables, Other Specialty Cables, Tactical Cables, Power Distribution Cables, Ribbon Cables and all other types of wires and cables, and other inputs, all kinds of equipments and products (electronic or otherwise) used inthe telecommunications networks, Power Distribution and Transmission~ networks, tactical communication solution systems, homeland protection systems, electronic warfare systems, network centric warfare enablers, optoelectronics, Military engineering systems including parts, connectors and accessories thereof.


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