GST Council meeting – Key Takeaways

1. New rates to be applicable from 15.11.2017 prospectively after notification.
2. 178 items shifted from 28% slab to lower slabs leaving apart sin goods and cess applicable goods.
3. Restaurants to have no ITC. Rate of tax shall be 5%. Restaurants in star hotels-18% with ITC. Other hotels -5% without ITC.
4. Outdoor catering -18% with ITC.
5. Gstr-3b to continue till 31.03.2018.
6. Nil returns to become very easy.
7. Only filing of GSTR-1 in current year for all taxpayers. Below 1.5 crore- 31st dec for July to sept, Qtr3- 15.02.2018, Qtr4- 30.04.18
8. Other taxpayers file GSTR 1 for July-oct by 31st dec 2017 then from November by 10th of next month – only GSTR 1.
9. Gstr-1 to be matched with GSTR-3B.
10. Penalty on late filing, nil return- Rs. 20 per day. Others- Rs. 50 per day.
11. Composition: July-sept- ITC-05 by 31.12.2017 and GSTR-04 by 24.12.2017
12. *TRAN-01 to be filed by 31.12.2017.*
13. Composition rate of 1% for manufacturers.
14. Composition scheme for services up to Rs. 5 Lakhs in addition to supply of goods.
15. Composition limit to be increased to Rs. 1.5 crores only upon amendment of law.
16. 1% composition only on taxable and not exempt goods. Dealer dealing in exempted goods allowed to opt for composition.

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*Composition scheme expanded*
Threshold for Composition scheme to be increased to Rs. 1.5 Crores. Uniform tax rate of 1% applicable for both traders and manufacturers. Composition suppliers allowed services upto Rs. 5 lakh per annum for eligibility. Exempted supply not to be taxed at 1%.


Filing of Form GSTR 2 and GSTR 3 has been suspended for the current financial year. Only GSTR 1 is to be filed as per the below schedule.

For suppliers having turnvover below 1.5 crores,
For the period of July to Sept – 31st Dec 2017
For the period of Oct to Dec – 15th Feb 2018
For the period of Jan – Mar – 30th Apr 2018

For suppliers having turnvover more than 1.5 crores,
For the period of Jul to Oct – 31st Dec 2017
For the month of Nov – 10th Jan 2018
For the month of Dec – 10th Feb 2018
For the month of Jan – 10th Mar 2018
For the month of Feb – 10th Apr 2018
For the month of Mar – 10th May 2018

Filing of return in Form 3B to be continued till March. For small taxpayers, return to be simplified. It is not clear whether small suppliers will have to file monthly or quarterly (as proposed in the last meeting).

A committee to simplify details of GSTR 2 and GSTR 3 will be setup.

*TRAN-1 date extended *
The due date of TRAN-1 has been extended to December 31, 2017.

*Penalties reduced*
Rate of penalty for delay in filing of returns will be reduced from Rs. 200 per day to Rs. 20 per day for suppliers with nil returns. For others, penalty to be reduced to Rs. 50 per day.

*GSTR-4 extended*

Due date for return of suppliers covered in composition scheme in Form GSTR-4 has been extended to 24th December 2017.

*Changes in Rates*

1. 5% Tax on all Restaurants other than 5-Star *without ITC*

2. Rates reduced for 178 items from 28% to 18% effective Nov 15, 2017.
– Washing Machines
– Air Conditioners
– Make up
– Sanitary Items
– Marble/flooring
– Toiletries

3. Rates reduced from 28% to 12%
– Wet grinders
– Armoured fighting vehicles

4. Rates reduced from 18% to 12% for 13 items, from 5% to 0% for 6 items, from 12% to 5% – 8 items.

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