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File Company Annual Return (Form MGT-7)

Annual Return will be prepared by  Practicing Company Secretary  

Requirements for Filing Annual Return to ROC   

1. Every Company Mandatory Required to file Annual Return to ROC within 60 Days from the Date of AGM of Company 

2. Annual Return is Detailed Report on Company board, Its Shareholders 

3. Additional Fee , if not filed on time

4. Director gets disqualified if company has not filed Annual Return for 3 Financial Years

5. Annual Report to be signed by Company Secretary in practice for Companies other than OPC and small company. 

Information and Documents Required for Filing Financial Statements with ROC

1. Audited Financial statements

2. Directors Report

3. Notice of AGM/EGM, Board Meetings, Minitues books, 

4. Copy of statutory Registers

5. Documents required by Company Secretary , if any


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